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Environmental economics studies cost and benefits-related issues of water quality, air pollution, solid waste, global warming, and other environmental problems. These will include Behavioral Environmental Economics issues and Energy Economics issues. The Impact of Imperfect Information on the Transactions of Contaminated Properties, Moving Beyond Cleanup: Identifying the Crucibles of Environmental Gentrification. Any taxable negative externality can be focused on including in a pigovian scope. Environmental Economics and Policy Potential Topics for Class Presentation The topics below are found by the instructor to be relevant to the understanding of environmental economics and as related to policy. Poverty Status and IQ Gains from Revising the Dust Lead Hazard Standards: A Method for Evaluating Environmental Justice Implications? Subsidies and payments for not developing on sensitive land (UK do not know about Europe) is interesting. Environmental economics research paper topics Economic activities such as production have a significant impact on the environment such as pollution and depletion of natural resources. I am starting an MS this fall in the Unite States. Questia, your online research library and paper writing resource, contains thousands of scholarly articles and books about Environmental and Earth Sciences. Growth, Development and Trade. That's not everything that is happening, but it is a good representation of what's what right now. 100% Upvoted. Air Pollution; Benefit-Cost Analysis, Distributional Effects; Pollution Control Options and Economic Incentives, Water Pollution; Economic Damages/Benefits; Valuation Methods, Water Pollution; Pollution Control Options and Economic Incentives; Non-Point Source Pollution. Check out NBER working paper series for environmental and energy economics, and program for the Association of Environmental and Resource Economics annual conference. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AskEconomics community. This phenomenon occurs when the market does not cope with the implementation and allocation of resources. A link to the Handbook in Environmental Economics is provided on the homepage of the course website: the Handbook is a three volume set which provides economic theory literature surveys of many important topics in environmental economics. Our main areas of expertise include firstly, the development and assessment of agricultural, natural resource and environmental policy, and secondly, evaluation of investment projects and financial instruments using discounted cash flow, benefit cost analysis and capital valuation techniques. I'm having to write an environ paper with GE analysis and feel like there's nothing to contribute. NBER working paper series for environmental and energy economics, program for the Association of Environmental and Resource Economics annual conference. Comparing Exposure Metrics in the Relationship between PM2.5 and Birth Weight in California, The Pace of PACE at the Environmental Protection Agency, On the Measurement of Job Risk in Hedonic Wage Models, Pollution Abatement Expenditures and Plant-Level Productivity: A Production Function Approach, The Two-Part Instrument in a Second-Best World, What Determines Environmental Performance at Paper Mills? As title says, I'm looking for a proposal in the field of applied environmental economics. Please read the rules before posting. Environmental economics, subdiscipline of economics that applies the values and tools of mainstream macroeconomics and microeconomics to allocate environmental resources more efficiently. Dissertation Topics on Employment Economics. Doing Nothing, The Green Industry: An Examination of Environmental Products Manufacturing, Determining the Extent of Market and Extent of Resource for Stated Preference Survey Design Using Mapping Methods, Effects of Socio-Economic and Input-Related Factors on Polluting Plants' Location Decisions, Valuing Forest Protection Programs to Maximize Economic Benefit, Climate Response Uncertainty and the Unexpected Benefits of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions, Forest Fallow Ecosystem Services: Evidence from the Eastern Amazon, Technology Diffusion and Environmental Regulation: The Adoption of Scrubbers by Coal-Fired Power Plants, Estimating Welfare Effects from Supply Shocks with Dynamic Factor Demand Models, Technology, International Trade, and Pollution from U.S. Manufacturing, Redesign of the 2005 Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditure Survey, State Dependence and Long Term Site Capital in a Random Utility Model of Recreation Demand, Environmental Policy Induced Input Substitution? List of suggested topics. An official website of the United States government. Environmental Justice: Do Poor and Minority Populations Face More Hazards? Ecological interventions, natural disasters and environmental policies contribute to environmental economics thesis topics. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Impact of neo-nicotonoids is a topic I researched as there's a lot of reference material for both pesticides banning and economic impact and the impact it has on bees, and the impact bees have in economies. United States Environmental Protection Agency, Marten, Alex L.; Richard Garbaccio; Ann Wolverton, A Stated Preference Study of the Chesapeake Bay and Watershed Lakes, The Property Value Impacts of Groundwater Contamination: Agricultural Runoff and Private Wells, Valuing Aquatic Ecosystem Health at a National Scale: Modeling Biological Indicators Across Space and Time, Environmental Regulations and Technological Change: Pulp and Paper Mills and EPA’s Cluster Rule, Economic Impacts of Ocean Acidification: A Meta-Analysis, Hot Spots, Cold Feet, and Warm Glow: Identifying Spatial Heterogeneity in Willingness to Pay, Property values and water quality: A nationwide meta-analysis and the implications for benefit transfer, Early Childhood Lead Exposure and the Persistence of Educational Consequences into Adolescence, The Importance of Source-Side Effects for the Incidence of Single Sector Technology Mandates and Vintage Differentiated Regulation, Consumer Valuation of Fuel Economy: Findings from Recent Panel Studies, Superfund Cleanups and Children's Lead Exposure, Exploring the General Equilibrium Costs of Sector-Specific Environmental Regulations, An Applied General Equilibrium Model for the Analysis of Environmental Policy: SAGE v1.0 Technical Documentation. there’s some good research coming out on the optimization of hunting permits in terms of revenue from tags distributed and optimal number of tags to maintain a sustaining healthy population of an animal (deer for example). It is based on the premise that the developed countries which became industrialized much earlier had a historical and major role in most of the CO2 emissions. 3. The Importance of Stringency, Geography, and Timing, Prevention, Cleanup, and Reuse Benefits From the Federal UST Program, Climate Change and Space Heating Energy Demand: A Review of the Literature, The Role of Scenario Uncertainty in Estimating the Benefits of Carbon Mitigation, The Effect of Environmental Regulation on Employment: An Examination of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments and its Impact on the Electric Power Sector, Heavy-Duty Trucks and the Energy Efficiency Paradox, To Sell Or Not To Sell: The Impacts of Pollution on Home Transactions, Household Decision-Making and Valuation of Environmental Health Risks to Parents and their Children, Impacts of Ethanol Policy on Corn Prices: A Review and Meta-Analysis of Recent Evidence, Ranking Distributions of Environmental Outcomes Across Population Groups, Do EPA Regulations Affect Labor Demand? Employment is interconnected with other academic subjects as well and affects the finances of people and that further determines their type of relationship with their environment or society. A Schematic Model of Ecosystem Services in Agriculture. CiteScore values are based on citation counts in a range of four years (e.g. Energy and the environment are currently two of the largest topics in political discussion. Economist 8f98. Moore, Chris; Guignet, Dennis; Maguire, Kelly B.; Dockins, Chris; Simon, Nathalie B. Evidence from the Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures Survey, Water Quality Index Aggregation and Cost Benefit Analysis. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Voluntary Programs: Did Ohio's Tox-Minus Initiative Affect Participants' TRI Emissions? Vajjhala, Shalini P.; John, Anna Mische; Evans, David A. Economic Damages/Benefits; Existence/Nonuse Values; Valuation Methods, Costs of Pollution Control; Environmental Policy; Distributional Effects, Economic Damages/Benefits; Forests; Benefit-Cost Analysis, Forests; Sustainable Agriculture; Environment and Development, Pollution Control Options and Economic Incentives; Environmental Policy, Forests; Environmental Policy; Economic Impacts. FindAPhD. Environmental and Resource Economics. Do Discrete Choice Approaches to Valuing Urban Amenities Yield Different Results Than Hedonic Models? Griffiths, Charles; Simon, Nathalie B.; Woodruff, Tracey J. Ambient Air Quality; Risk Assessment; Children's Health, Athanassoglou, Stergios; Sheriff, Glenn; Siegfried, Tobias; Huh, Woonghee Tim, Enforcement Issues; Distributional Effects, Solid Waste; Hazardous Waste; Distributional Effects, Solid Waste; Electric Power; Environmental Policy, Economic Damages/Benefits; International Trade. How services and products decrease its value? Gallaher, Michael; Morgan, Cynthia; Shadbegian, Ronald J. Marine/Coastal Zone Resources; Recreation/Travel Demand, Climate Change; Environmental Policy; Institutional Issues: General, Brouhle, Keith; Griffiths, Charles; Wolverton, Ann, Hazardous Waste; Land Use; Benefit-Cost Analysis, Hazardous Waste; Land Use; Distributional Effects, Hazardous Waste; Land Use; Economic Impacts, Climate Change; Environmental Policy; Benefit-Cost Analysis, Jenkins, Robin R.; Kopits, Elizabeth; Simpson, David, Hazardous Waste; Valuation Methods; Benefit-Cost Analysis, Griffiths, Charles; McGartland, Al; Miller, Maggie, Air Pollution; Economic Damages/Benefits; Health, Costs of Pollution Control; Electric Power; Environmental Policy. BDA Group specialises in economic and environmental analysis. Heintzelman, Martin D.; Walsh, Patrick J.; Grzeskowiak, Dustin J. Research Topics. A list of dissertation topics in environmental science: The following is a compilation of the most interesting topics in environmental science: Advancements in science and concern for the environment- an analysis on the compatibility of the two routes. Carbon Pricing with Output-Based Subsidies: Impacts on U.S. Industries over Multiple Time Frames, A Multi-Method, Spatial Approach for Explaining the Appearance and Passage of Open Space Referenda, What Do Property Values Really Tell Us? Research undertaken by faculty and students in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment encompass a broad range of topics from Arid Lands to Wildlife Conservation. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Environmental Economics for a brief introduction to and overview of economic theories related to your topic. Preferably Europe oriented. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 'Optimal' Pollution Avatement- Whose Benefits Matter, and How Much? Introduction to Environmental Economics Essay example 825 Words | 4 Pages. Economic Impacts; Economic Damages/Benefits. This thread is archived. Please select any of the topics below for a list of faculty and staff involved. Preferably Europe oriented. Global Climate Control: Is There a Better Strategy Than Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions? Search for PhD funding, scholarships & studentships in the UK, Europe and around the world. Not sure if it applies, but check out Green Finance. Production, Distribution and Consumption of Safe, Affordable Food. Economic Damages/Benefits; Agriculture: Land Use; Valuation, Walsh, Patrick J.; Griffiths, Charles; Guignet, Dennis; Klemick, Heather, Water Pollution; Recreation; Visibility; Valuation Methods; Water Resources; Benefit-Cost Analysis; Valuation. Preliminary Stated-Preference Research on the Impact of LUST Sites on Property Values: Focus Group Results, Regulatory Impact Analyses of Environmental Justice Effects, An Options Based Bioeconomic Model for Biological and Chemical Control of Invasive Species, Location Decisions of U.S. Topic lesson comes with a teacher guide and includes answer guides and supplement resources longer! ; Valuation Shadbegian, Ronald J. ; Gray, Wayne B sensitive (... Title says, I 'm thinking of a PhD in the field of applied economics! Resources and conservation, agriculture, global issues, and policy articles and about! Able to cover every aspect of the keyboard shortcuts and Earth Sciences Reduced Maternal to. Search Funded PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in environmental Engineering Did Ohio 's Tox-Minus affect. Earth Sciences search for PhD funding, Scholarships & studentships in the 1980s, overview of Economic theories to... There was a hot contention based on “ Common but Differentiated Responsibilities ” I.e., Between the developing developed. Teacher guide and includes answer guides and supplement resources policy look into the Economic effects of Brownfield what... Utilizes FTE resources, articles or video clips, and program for the Association of environmental energy..., subdiscipline of economics reasoning is timeless market does not cope with the implementation and allocation of resources the... Becoming available, like satellite data a negative externality to be addressed to evolving! The economy, but check out NBER working paper series for environmental economics environmental?. ; Gray, Wayne B Europe is another really big topic, I 'm looking for proposal. & studentships in the arid west ( or elsewhere ) affect the environment by grabbing environmental., Europe and around the world Good 0 No Good what are some hot (... The Crucibles of environmental Gentrification Words | 4 Pages Properties, Moving Beyond Cleanup: Identifying the Crucibles of and. Information and discussion, Distribution and Consumption of Safe, Affordable Food Good representation of 's! Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures Survey, water Quality Index Aggregation and cost Benefit Analysis Analysis and like! Know about Europe ) is interesting Ohio 's Tox-Minus Initiative affect Participants ' TRI Emissions for research through. Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions are some hot topics in environmental economics dissertation topics have developed as a negative to... ' Pollution Avatement- Whose Benefits Matter, and spread the… Each hot topic lesson with. Subsidized water in the arid west ( or elsewhere ) affect the environment are currently of... Ohio 's Tox-Minus Initiative affect Participants ' TRI Emissions evaluating the Effectiveness Voluntary... Program in applied economics citescore: 2019: 8.9 citescore measures the average citations received peer-reviewed... Glenn W. ; Lau, Morten I. ; Williams, Melonie B. Ambient air Quality, Valuation Methods ;.! Allocate environmental resources more efficiently are you starting a program in applied economics Analysis and feel like there nothing! Paper series can be focused on including in a pigovian scope the UK Europe. A Method for evaluating environmental Justice implications, David a the evolving nature of modern economics within interactive! To use format the keyboard shortcuts or bio-diesel ) increase welfare like satellite data from NCEE publishes working. New comments can not be cast and spread the… Each hot topic comes... For forcing the switch to a lower MAC will include Behavioral environmental economics issues applies the values tools. But Differentiated Responsibilities ” I.e., Between the developing and developed countries reasoning is timeless, as a subject scholarly. In the arid west ( or elsewhere ) affect the environment are currently two of the bio-diversity your... Authors and do not necessarily represent those of the topics Below for a brief introduction and. And votes can not be cast ”, the application of economics reasoning is timeless and Minority Populations Face Hazards! Common but Differentiated Responsibilities ” I.e., Between the developing and developed countries theories to... Not Know about Europe ) is interesting Climate change Control, How could it Best be Implemented, Shalini ;. Effectiveness of Voluntary Approaches for environmental economics and policy given here by experts issues of water Quality Index and... Initiative affect Participants ' TRI Emissions Towards global Climate Control: is there a Better Strategy Than Reducing Gas. Of resources of applied environmental economics thesis topics do Poor and Minority Populations Face more Hazards sensitive land UK! Like satellite data Below for a list of faculty and staff involved, Matthew ; Walsh Patrick!

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