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Taiwan has a national healthcare system (NHI, National Healthcare System… yes, similarly named to the one in the UK) that means that most healthcare is free or very cheap for citizens or residents (i.e. (There are actually a couple more, but fifteen is enough for now!). Probably my favourite thing: you can use them as a quick payment form in many places. Summary of cost of living in Taiwan. You can also slide through lots of traffic during rush hour. Don’t be discouraged though, because you just might discover that the cost of living in Taipei is lower than your home country. You want to simplify? National parks and temples are fair game! It’s something like central Chinese, except… more lilting (ok, effeminate). We used this, and we were refunded as expected. 室: room, work unit; 4. Shorts are also more rare (also annoying). This is because while each character has just one meaning (maybe a couple), one sound can have many associated characters and meanings. Taiwanese people are super chill. I love going to local Vietnamese food shops here because they taste really good for a low price. Needless to say, people don’t wear any other form of protection on a scooter. For example, that sentence in characters and then pinyin becomes: Obviously it’s easier to read the second one! Fujen Catholic High School in Taiwan collected numerous boxes of medical masks over the last two months and sent them for the LMS students, faculty, and staff to utilize. Using the translation setting on your phone or browser should help you to an extent. Here’s a table from their website on what to expect for rent: Rent Per Month  Finally, most countries recognise only Beijing’s sovereignty and don’t have diplomatic ties with Taipei; only with Beijing. Some will be flying up wearing nothing but sneakers and some outdoor gear, while there’ll be adventure-seeking octogenarians and dress-wearing Instagram celebrities patiently ascending step by step (the latter complaining a lot more). 世: life, age, world; 9. Don’t be discouraged though, because you. Apartment (3bedrooms) outside City Center$ 25,247 NT. Maybe 让 vs 讓 would be a better illustration of a drastic difference between simplified and traditional characters, since as complicated as “囊” may be, it never got simplified in PRC, even in words like 齉鼻. in just one kind of noodle, served as either ‘spicy’ or ‘regular’, A solid production line where a few people are cranking out the goods, Mandarin Pinyin: yue4 du2 pin1yin1 hen3 rong2yi4, It’s a betel nut seed, which is a seed of the betel palm, It’s wrapped in mint (yum) and flavoured with lime (delicious) and… tobacco (gross), As a package, one betel nut seed is as intense as (supposedly) six cups of coffee, Trousers or longish skirt. If that’s OK with you, then Taiwan is your place. Scooters are very cost efficient for daily usage, maintenance, and parking fees. The Cost of Living in Taipei is low. So if you’re responsible with spending money, and the salary you will make here is high enough to suit your lifestyle, then Taiwan would be a great place for you to come and live. Everything else works everywhere. Obviously, people in Taiwan speak Chinese, because they are Chinese. Taiwanese will get you some flavour points if you just know maybe 200 words/phrases. Just a word of warning for people visiting Taiwan: take with a grain of salt anything that the locals say about Mainland Chinese. To the untrained eye, the most complicated characters just look like a thumb-print ink smudge. Get iTaiwan WiFi in the Airport: This is government-sponsored fast WiFi that’s available everywhere but for which you need to be in the airport to sign up (unless you have a local sim… in which case you’d need this less anyway). Most westerners can get 90-day visas on arrival. This is also a love letter to Taiwan, with its warm people (and weather), fascinating politics, diverse culture, incredible food, beautiful nature, and blazing fast internet. You can fly them basically anywhere the doesn’t have residential buildings. Well done, us.). Staying longer than 90 days in Taiwan is more complicated, and will require you to be sponsored by a company or school. 适: to fit or be suitable; 13. Walk around, preferably 30-60 minutes before you want to eat, and note where the lines are and there’s a mass forming. 势: power, momentum; 15. Oh, there has been a huge proliferation of “claw” arcades. Once you sign up for iTaiwan, which you can ONLY do in the airport on their wifi, you can use Wifi at thousands of hotspots around the country – including in convenience stores. Of course, everyone has different interests and justify their spending differently. (I still am not sure of the population, actually, and wonder what it would help me by knowing.). This table from Numbeo again, might include something you plan to be spending on: My spending for extra things like these average to be around $5,000NT- $6,000NT a month. Taiwan is not the same as China… unless you ask China, in which case it definitely is. We didn’t use any mosquito repellant in our entire stay and never got more than one or two bites. When I was living in Mainland China (see below), non-Chinese friends would often describe Taiwan as being “like China, but without the bad bits”. You’d get terrible gravel rash and probably break a collarbone but with a good helmet it probably won’t be the end of you. Taipei is 63% cheaper than New York City. Keep in mind there are always “hidden costs” when you move to a new location and realize that more is needed to set up your new spot. The formal name for Taiwan you’ll see on government buildings and in the airport is 中華民國 (In Mandarin: zhong hua min guo), which translates to something like “China People’s Country”. You can apply to travel there for other reasons, but you have to do so via the Bureau of Consular Affairs. Perhaps you're considering teaching English at a chain school in Taiwan, or a fresh teacher who has just started recently. People in Taiwan speak Mandarin, principally. This statement only pertains to Taipei because the other Taiwanese cities are still developing their public transportation. I’m currently living in a high rise building that is less than 2 years old and located only 20 minutes to the city center by scooter. Context helps understand a lot. We always stay in AirBnBs — over a hundred by now. Let us know and we’ll add it in. I often get snacky, and can eat quite a bit. Couldn’t find the English version of Shopee Taiwan? I was asked if I did when leaving the port I was at (Amsterdam), but NOT at arrival.

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